Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment


Sawmilling, mining, smelting, pulp and paper, etc.

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Increase your productivity with our LEAN/5S SOLUTION approach

Custom-made products (do more, without defects, the first time and safely)

Visual management and arrangement of powerful, safe and suitable workstations/cells

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Find a 5S products that suits your need

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Cells and workstations, standard supports, dispensers, wall panels, adapted vehicules, visual management tools... Choice of materials/colors available

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Take advantage of our robust and durable products, designed here at JAMEC

Brushcutter, floating dock, gazebo, outdoor fireplace, bucket, stairs guardail and ramp, and much more...

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Add a glow to your surfaces with our painting service

Liquid paint and backed electromagnetic powder paint

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Graphic design

JAGRAPH SIGNATURE offers a complete range of graphic design services

Lettering/wrapping vehicules, display solutions, commercial/residential signs, promotional items, large format printing, etc.

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Health & Safety. Team Spirit.
Approach. Integrity. Quality.

Since 1987, JAMEC, a company in northern Lac-St-Jean, has been a recognized player in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of custom-built industrial equipment and 5S workstations. A commitment to economic efficiency, social equity and environmental responsibility are guiding principles in the company’s efforts to implement sustainable business objectives.

JAMEC also offers paint services (liquid or baked electromagnetic powder coating), a comprehensive graphic design service, and markets heavy-duty equipment such as brushcutters, floating docks, gazebos, outdoor fireplaces, buckets, banisters and more…


Customer testimonial

« Regardless of who you are, when it comes to increasing the value of your company, you have three options: increase revenues, cut costs and comply with laws and regulations. At RIO TINTO, we use continuous improvement as our main tool for targeting opportunities and reducing costs. One approach we use to reach our objectives is the 5S process.

There are countless benefits to the 5S approach. Reducing the number of lost tools as well as cutting down on time wasted looking for them are two examples that make a huge difference. And being clean and organized reduces health and safety risks to workers; it helps to prevent accidents. Often, much bigger benefits are reaped through increasing your competitiveness and profitability.

In concrete terms, adopting the 5S SOLUTION has a positive impact by reducing our non-added value costs, which gives us a competitive edge. The 5S SOLUTION also allows us to increase product quality while reducing our rejection rate, which is another substantial saving.

At RIO TINTO, our commitment to this approach is a priority, and we intend to keep it that way. In a nutshell, it’s all about adopting habits that reduce risk and loss of time and tools, while increasing efficiency. These aspects inevitably have an impact on the company’s profitability. »

Robert Lavoie, Project Manager Regional Economic Development RIO TINTO, ALUMINUM Primary Metal

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