Comment accroître sa productivité - How to increase your productivity

|| Written by Kevin H. Touchette

When you visit your doctor annually, he could for example, recommend you to lose some weight to increase your overall health. Meanwhile, if you make your company’s checkup, you will be able to note that the reduction of some processes could greatly increase the company’s productivity.

Have you ever heard about 5S Method? This is an organizational and universal tool frequently used, among others, in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, which can continuously optimize working conditions and time management ensuring organization, safety and cleanliness of a working environment.

The 5S Method, of Japanese origin, is a management technique that was created and developed as part of the Toyota’s factory production system. It aimed to curb the chronic waste in the company. This system takes its name from the first letter of each of the five following:


When released from what’s unnecessary or rarely used, it is much easier to find what you really need. The lack of distractions also contributes to the fulfillment of work. Businesses that do not adequately classify their materials and tools suffer losses of time, energy, and thus, huge productivity.


When the workspace is reduced, the adoption of a system that is based on order and that simplifies the processes can be useful. A place for everything and everything in its place. Each room should be organized functionally, even if it means investing in the purchase of cabinets, shelves, furniture, etc. Visual aids are also recommended.


Once the work area is clear (SEIRI) and ordered (SEITON), it is more enjoyable to clean. You will make your job easier if you put the new process into daily practice. Maintaining order will then be mechanically, you’ll see!


The order and property are to be maintained daily. A clean working environment is an efficient work environment. Standardize the procedure and allow your employees to focus on their immediate tasks without seeing their work hampered by organizational problems.


Applied with due rigor, which requires a certain discipline, the 5S Method provides a glimpse of the future in all that it offers in terms of growth and enrichment. An internal audit system should be established to ensure that the working methods are functioning well and that they are maintained.


It means that a more effective work environment contributes greatly to improve the quality of production and helps reduce losses, as much for a document in an office as a factory tool. Ultimately, abundance requires organization and curb waste in all its forms, of time, money and energy, can only boost your profits and contribute to the financial health of your business. Therefore, why not apply 5S Method principles, if only in parts, and thus, you concentrate on the essentials.

Whether you are the head of a manufacturing company, industry or services, you have everything to gain by applying 5S. The goal is simply to create effective workspaces that explain and self-regulate themselves at all times with visual instructions. Results are measured as much in productivity, as the staff’s satisfaction toward the efforts to improve its working conditions.


  • Increases your productivity (… and it pays!)
  • Reduces tool losses (faster emergency responses)
  • Reduces risk of accidents (operations, maneuvers and safer spaces)
  • Reduce the expenses of time and energy (taking quick inventory)
  • Quality improvement and management of your production
  • Increases the morale of your team members
  • Positive perception of the customers who see and/or visit your business.


An easy way to determine the attitude and philosophy of a company towards continuous improvement is to look at its activities of organization, order and maintenance. Several companies in the world use this method; which has even grown to become a tool of marketing and sales.

The 5S Method is part of the best core practices that enterprises of the 21st century must master. The principle is easy to understand and under that apparent ease, hides a powerful and multifunctional tool that few companies have managed to implement fully to reap the full benefits. This method is a handle for change management and autonomy of teams. It has for goal economic issues and permanent progress.


In this regard, JAMEC, a Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean company operating since 1987, is the undisputed leader in the design and manufacturing of workspace or workshop with the 5S Method. This company produces so well equipped quality work environments that they contribute to your company’s performance by giving them all the benefits that it reports. If your organization is well-ordered and your productivity is at its height, do not rest with your arms folded. The largest gains are those within already profitable companies that have managed to further increase their productivity. JAMEC can help you achieve it.