Quai flottant en aluminium - Aluminium Floating Dock

Great for mooring a boat, gaining access to a swimming area, or creating a spot to relax and enjoy. We have a vast selection of floating docks that is sure to meet your needs. We can also build the dock of your dreams that fits your budget; designed and made with our quality workmanship. Docks can be factory-assembled, or assemble it yourself and save on costs.


  • Custom-built (limitless layouts for all your needs)
  • Lightweight structure
  • Anchor poles included
  • A wide range of accessories available (ladders, bumpers, mooring arms and cleats, personalized digital printing)
  • Quick installation of anchor system (no tools required)
  • Colour of your choice (painted with baked electromagnetic powder)
  • Zero environmental impact
  • For temporary or permanent use
  • Top-quality polyethylene floaters (with extra durable side fasteners) that exceed standard testing requirements for shock absorption and resistance. Our floaters are also treated to resist UV rays, oil, gasoline, micro-organisms and salt water.


Floating docks are recommended for areas with variable water depths, rivers and deep water. Its adjustable anchoring system works with almost all shorelines, with its capacity to adapt to different water depths and remain level at all times. When it comes to the environment, floating docks are a wise and eco-friendly choice, because they don’t harm aquatic ecosystems.