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Jamec designs, manufactures and installs heavy-duty & reliable board unscramblers for sawmills and planer mills. Each unscrambler is produced in order to adapt to the environment and the needs of the mills. From 1×3 to 2×12 via 3×3 and 4×4, the efficiency of the equipment is ensured by a system of adjustable levers allowing the management of the accumulation inside the attachments. This optimizes the feeding of 1×1 loaders, stackers and planers.  Jamec unscramblers are also equipped with a self-synchronizing system minimizing interventions at risk of accident and loss of production time.   Finally, heavy-duty, productivity and smoothness of operation are important assets for this type of unscrambler.  

Unscrambler Spec :

  • Breaks down lumber piles in a single of board up the incline
  • Lenght of wood piece : 6 to 24 ft
  • Thickness: 1 to 4 inch
  • Exclusive heavy-duty design
  • Ajustable floor for variations in wood thickness
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Heavy-duty & low maintenance
  • For high-speed applications
  • Easy integration & installation

For more information on the benefits of the WOOD UNSCRAMBLER SIMPLE-DOUBLE

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