Naturallia (5e édition) - Le forum d'alliances commerciales / Naturallia (5th edition) Canada's leading business alliance forum

|| Written by Naturallia

Naturallia is returning in 2017 for its 5th edition! The forum represents a unique opportunity for networking and growth for businesses that play a leading role in the natural resources field. This fifth edition will bring together more than 200 Canadian-based SMEs and organisations and a wide array of others from some 15 other countries worldwide.


  • Mining and service supply sector
  • Renewable and smart energy sector
  • Value-added forest products and wood sector
  • Advanced technology sector

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In addition to industrial visits, workshops, round-table discussions and social activities, companies taking part in Naturallia have two days of targeted strategic meetings, conveniently scheduled in a way to ensure the most effective use of each participant’s time. According to the « speed meeting », attending SME representatives conduct interviews with the aim of building the sound foundations required to kindle promising business partnerships.

First, attendees fill out a profile presenting their company and what they offer or request. Two weeks before the event, each attendee will have access to an online directory of all participating SMEs. A participant can then submit up to fourteen requests for 30-minute meetings with selected company or organisation representatives. Once this step has been completed, a match-making software program then twins businesses and conveniently schedules the requested meetings.


  • Regions of northern Quebec and Canada are the setting for natural resource development projects with a total value of more than $200 billion.
  • In fact, many economists anticipate a recovery, in 2017, of mining development projects that had been put on hold over the past years.
  • Alone, over the next twenty-five years, the development of Canada’s Northern Ring of Fire in Ontario and Plan Nord in Quebec will generate revenues totalling billions of dollars.
  • Canada is a global leader in value-added supply chain undertakings and in developing natural resource industries.
  • Naturallia will bring together the country’s top corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


This event is perfect for you if you want to grow your business! Naturallia 2017 will bring together decision makers from some 200 SMEs, large clients and organisations that work in the mining and forest industries or in smart energy and advanced technologies. These participants will exchange and share information on a variety of topics that are critical to the development of your business. Business partnerships and alliances, product line enhancement, distribution network expansion, technology development, product and service supply, licensing, outsourcing, and more!

Naturallia relies on a powerful matching system that sparks entrepreneurship-based bonding for participating organisations. You will leave this event with a huge inventory of beneficial links with other entrepreneurs, strategic information and many ideas to « boost » the growth of your business!