At JAMEC, all departments work together to capitalize on synergies that allow us to deliver top-quality equipment and products. We make sure that our actions are efficient and coherent in terms of industrial and sustainable development.

Our engineering department (expertise, research and development, design and study, ideas bank), manufacturing shop (facilities, machinery and equipment, certifications), on-site installation and commissioning team, as well as our maintenance crew, are there to optimize your projects. We design solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. Everything we do is for increasing your performance and productivity significantly. Our teams also ensures a safe and rigorous environment that meets the health and safety standards in effect.

We also offer a labor rental service for all your factory needs. JAMEC can provide skilled workers with up-to-date training who can meet your company’s needs at all times. Our mechanics intervene at different levels and in various sectors (sawmilling, mining, smelting, pulp and paper, etc.). Our team is not only multidisciplinary, it’s also mobile, readily available, safe and efficient! It will also adapt to your work schedule and location.


For an overview of our current projects; click HERE.