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Lean 5S Products Solutions

JAMEC offers 5 S Lean Products & services solutions to transform and improve your organization. Our 5S LEAN SOLUTION products & services experts are with you every step of the way for Lean implementation strategies. They enable your teams to think, create, implement and share effective, safe and innovative visual management tools, whether for your visual factory, 5S environments, LEAN management boards, problem solving or preventive maintenance (TPM).  5S benefits not only the owners of a business, but also its employees and customers. The main benefit of 5S is a cleaner, safer and better organized workplace. It is often a first step in a continuous improvement drive that aims to eliminate waste, boost productivity and increase profits. Engaging employees in process improvement can also improve morale and working conditions. For customers, 5S can lead to lower prices and better products by pressuring other companies in the sector to keep pace.

Visual management is the basis for improving your business and achieving operational excellence. Let us help you with our expertise every step of the way. LEAN SOLUTION helps you design, create, implement and share the innovative components of your visual management system.
Increase your productivity with the 5S SOLUTION! Opt for our visual management tools and our safe, modular 5S workstations. The 5S method, derived from the Toyota Production Model (TPS), is recognized worldwide for its benefits. It helps to improve working conditions and time management by ensuring the organization, safety and cleanliness of a working environment.
An adapted and orderly environment provides satisfaction and better performance.

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