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See the hidden waste and deliver more value

See to develop a plan that makes your workplace efficient and free from waste. It’s a matter of evaluating your entire organization and using our years of expertise to give you the tools you need to create a working plan. We’re your partners in the process, using the time-tested LEAN/5S SOLUTION. 

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is about maximizing the performance of an organisation using LEAN tools and techniques, while creating a culture of continuous improvement that sustains the improved performance over the long term.

Our approach to discovery is to talk with your people using a structured approach, observe and listen to processes and analyse data.

Improvement Roadmap

During the design phase, we produce quantified improvement opportunities. We use systems thinking to help inform detailed designs which we present as « improvement roadmap ». These define issues, scopes, opportunities, solutions and benefits that are available.

On completion of the design phase, we move into implementation. This is where the approved « improvement roadmap » are operationalised.




March 24 to 26, 2020

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Montréal (QC) CANADA

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