Habib Jarboue, le père de la famille syrienne déjà au travail - Habib Jarboue, the father of the Syrian family already at work

|| Written by Louis Potvin - Le Quotidien

Habib Jarboue is grateful that Alain Bilodeau offered him a job.

The Syrian family sponsored by Prime Minister Philippe Couillard and his wife Suzanne Pilote is very well located in Saint-Félicien. The father, Habib Jarboue, is very happy to have obtained a job at JAMEC, in Normandin.

«We have received a wonderful welcome and our integration is good. I do not find it easy to learn French. My children are progressing very quickly. I do not understand when they talk with friends. Children learn too fast. I’d like to be a child», he laughs.

The father of the family is starting to manage the French language. He understands what he is told, but still has difficulty formulating sentences. When Le Quotidien met him, communication was done in French and by signs.

Arrived with his wife Rania, his daughter Sonar and his boy Wafa in February, Habib wants to be discreet. He does not want to talk too much to the media and tell his exile. «We are pleased to have been able to leave the country and be safe in Canada», he said.

With a smile on his face, he seems very happy to have obtained a job. He is grateful that Alain Bilodeau has given him this chance. Habib Jarboue was a carpenter and also worked on appliances in the field of agriculture. «He is a very good and hardworking person. He started in the painting room, but since he has knowledge in “machining”, we will see if he could be useful in the workshop. I am satisfied and happy to be able to give him this opportunity», says the owner.

He has been with JAMEC for three weeks and feels good. «I’m glad to have a job. It was important to me. Not used to staying at home».

The 40-year-old man seems to have a good sense of humor. He is eager to improve his French to better communicate. He continues to take classes with his wife. His children, who are integrated into a primary school, are progressing by leaps and bounds.

The Jarboue family lived in Maharda, near Halfaya. They are of the Orthodox faith and accommodate themselves very well with the Catholic religion. They regularly go to the church of Saint-Félicien.

The dream of Mr. Jarboue? Being able to bring in family members, including father and mother. «We have taken the steps and raised money».


JAMEC of Normandin has the wind in the sails, but has to deal with a lack of labor.

«It’s very difficult to meet our needs. We would need at least ten people, welders and machinists. It is even difficult to have double shifts», said the president of this company, Alain Bilodeau, specializing in the manufacture of forestry equipment and adapted workstations.

The company, which carries out contracts across the country, is deploying teams to install equipment in the factories, while ensuring that manufacturing runs smoothly at its Normandin plant. «These are jobs that attract less, yet there is a lot of work. At the Centre de formation professionnelle (CFP) Dolbeau-Mistassini, there are about 10 graduates per year, whereas a few years ago, there were more than 30. A lot of energy is put into those we hire, to train them well and make sure they are fine and stay in business. Our employees are the most valuable», says the man who heads up to 80 workers.

This lack of labor is not causing major problems at this time. On the other hand, the entrepreneur is thinking of strategies, which he will announce in a few months.


The company has just won two major contracts. The first is to redo the jobs of a major forestry player in British Columbia with the 5S SOLUTION approach. Also, it has just signed a contract to make the equipment for a wood processing plant of Forex Amos. «Our expertise is increasingly known and recognized across Canada. These are two contracts that will occupy us a lot in the coming months», says Alain Bilodeau.

In parallel, a representative of the company will be in Dubaï in November to participate in a trade show on aluminium transformation. «We expect to be able to win contracts with our 5S SOLUTION system because it’s easy to export. I cannot wait to see the results».


To ensure succession, Alain Bilodeau sold shares of his company to four employees who have supported him for several years; Éric Cloutier, Marc Cloutier, Gino Jobin and Pierre Gobeil. «This is a process that will take place over a few years. I wanted to do it and involve my employees to preserve and secure the future of the company», he said.


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