JAMEC tire son épingle du jeu - JAMEC played his cards

|| Written by Louis Potvin - Le Quotidien

The Normandin’s business, JAMEC, succeeded in doing well despite the slowdown in the forestry sector. JAMEC just reached 70 employees.

«It’s a very good year for us. We continue to diversify our products so that we are not at the mercy of any particular industry. That is why we have developed products for mining and aluminum smelters», explains President Alain Bilodeau.

Indeed, in recent months, the company has been delivering mobile units to Rio Tinto. It is a small vehicle that serves as a workstation, in which the space is optimized to the maximum. There are various equipment and tools inside. «It takes a lot of planning and design to meet the customer’s needs. It must be simple to use for the worker so that it is more efficient and productive», explains Alain Bilodeau with the company’s engineer Gino Jobin.

JAMEC already has several units sold. These vehicles are used in the multinational’s facilities. The concept could be adapted to other types of industries or enterprises.


Although the market for sawmill equipment is slowing down in Quebec, JAMEC has won a major contract in Ontario. «We are rebuilding the entire sawmill in an Ontario plant. The company contacted us because they heard about us. We have about 20 workers on site who install the various equipment that will increase productivity», says Bilodeau.


When Alain Bilodeau sees an opportunity, he seizes it. He recently decided to invest more than $ 200,000 in the company’s paint room to paint doors and windows. «It was not happening in the area; therefore, many of the paintings needed to be done in the area are recovered. It’s a need», he says.


In addition, the engineering team has completed the design and manufacture of a brushcutter in the front of a tractor. A version for excavator will also emerge. This equipment also responds to customers requests.

«We are finding solutions for our customers. That is our strength. Then, it is possible to market certain products to adapt it to other customers. We are able to adapt quickly and propose innovative solutions», he says.

Alain Bilodeau recalled that the installation of workshops and workstations using the 5S SOLUTION system remained the flagship products of the company.


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