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JAMEC, designs high speed, heavy duty log kicker.  Electric driven, our kickers are fast performers and very light.  They have also proven their efficiency as compared to fluid Mechanic and air powered Ejectors who have slack and flex inherit in their design.  In this sense, they have a high capacity to eject different Logs dimensions and weigths.   

Another important advantage is that all are Ejectors are supply with individual drives. 


  • Possibility to control the speed of individual kickers easily.
  • Individual drives produce comparatively less noise.
  • Future expansion is possible.
  • Individual drive is very Economical in long-term.
  • With individual drives, each kickers operates near to rated capacity, so the power factor and efficiency are better.

By being electric, our kickers require clean energy source.  For example,  there is no potential risk for leakage.  In addition, they provide a smooth and fast kicking operation of the logs off the lineal Conveyors.    

Additionnaly,  At JAMEC we have the know how to support mills with the best Log Kicker system.  With our team of experts, we will assure to have the best material spec in order to provide the exact kicker that will meet your needs.  

In addition, we will assure to design the appropriate layout that will contribute in your productivity objectives.  Since 1987, we have provided the industry with reliable log handling equipment.   Therfore, for more information on our Log Kickers, and the benefits they will provide to your mill, contact us today.  

See an example on our Youtube Channel.    

Specifications :

  • Tailor-made equipment adapted to existing lines
  • Single or double ejector arm
  • Pneumatic or electric ejector arm
  • Heavy-duty & low maintenance
  • For high speed applications
  • For large Diameter logs
  • Easy integration & installation

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