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Multi-saw Trimmer

JAMECs’,  precise Multi-saw Trimmer contributes to increase the value on each piece of lumber for saw mills and planer mills.  Our Lineshaft Trimmers have developed a solid reputation of providing precise trim, nice and clean saw cuts for high speed mills.  

Also proven for Southern Yellow Pine Mills in the US.   

At JAMEC we have the know how to support mills with the best Multi-Saw Trimmer.  Additionnally,  with our team of experts, we will assure to have the best material to precisely provide the exact Saw system you require that will Maximize Value of each pieces of boards with Precision Cuts.  We will assure to design the appropriate layout that will contribute in your productivity objectives.  

For more information on our precise Multi-Saw Trimmers contact us.  

See an example of our line shaft trimmer in production

Multi-Saw Trimmer Specs :
  • Stationary or mobile saws
  • Speeds that can reach up to 250 pieces per minute
  • Efficient dust suction system
  • Heavy-duty & low maintenance trimmer
  • Configuration of all lumber sizes
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the side panels serving as gate ways
  • Easy integration & installation
  • Pneumatic swivel system makes easier the change of saws 
  • Common drive shaft (Line shaft) or one motor per saw
  • Cut-In-Two Module system
  • Electric saw drives

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