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JAMEC, outfeed slow down belt is designed for high speed applications.  This outfeed slow down belt system decelarates accuratley lumber from the outfeed of the Planer without impacting its quality assuring a gentle placement of each piece of lumber onto the landing transfer of the planer mill.  We offer feeding devices, perfectly tailored to your machines, either for high cycle rate or for feeding of extra heavy boards.  We also provide special solutions to match your special production requirements at the planer mill.  If you target to increase your productivity and profitability at the planer or sawmill, JAMEC is your ally in providing realiable, heavy-duty wood handling equipment requiring very low maintenance.  

Additionnally, at JAMEC we have the know how in supporting mills with the best slow down belt system with our engineering team, we will assure to have the best material specifications to precisely provide the exact equipment you require.  We will assure to design the appropriate layout that will maximize and contribute in your productivity and profitability objectives.  Call us today to know more about our conveyors belts at the planer mill.  Contact-us 

See an example in production here

Specifications :

  • Slow Down belt Designed for high speed planer mills
  • Manual & automatic adjustments
  • Special & unique rotating brushes assures that all boards keep contact on the outfeed belt.
  • Robust & low maintenance
  • Reduces production downtime and contributes in a safer environment
  • Easy integration & installation

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