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Stackers lumber stacking systems

Stackers lumber stacking systems

Unlike other stacker systems, JAMEC lumber packaging stacking systems are especially designed to adapt to all sizes of boards, widths, thicknesses, or variable lengths. Additionnally when combined with its secondary hoist, our stackers lumber stacking systems performs a continuous stacking at high speeds.  Another key point, our wood Stacking packaging efficiency is ensured by its bundle stabilization finger system as well as its row equalizer system optimizing the stacking. Above all our stacker is designed to minimize operators intervention and the risk of accidents allowing maximum efficiency.  

At JAMEC we have the know how in supporting mills with the best lumber stackers systems with our engineering team, we will assure to have the best material specifications to precisely provide the exact equipment you require.  Additionnaly we will assure to design the appropriate layout that will maximize and contribute in your productivity and profitability objectives.  Furthure more JAMEC has many achievements in stacking systems.  For more information on our lumber stackers,  contact us.  

See an example on our Youtube channel. 

High speed stacking systems :

  • Lenght of lumber piece : 6 to 24 ft
  • Width of lumber: 3 to 12 inch
  • Thickness of lumber: 1 to 4 inch
  • Single or double fork
  • Elevation by electric drives
  • Secondary lift
  • Unique bundle stabilizer finger system
  • Robust & low maintenance
  • For high-speed applications
  • Easy integration & installation

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