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Above all, JAMECs’ Continuous Tilt-Hoist precisely unpacks lumber bundle packages at the infeed of the planer mill.  Furthermore, with our unique continuous function, this system always maintain a constant flow of boards at the entrance of the planer mill.  

In Addition, with its secondary Hoist, this system has the capability to unpack bundles of lumber at very high speed rates.  Also, this Tilt-Hoist is built sturdy which contributes in its  reliability and reduces the needs of maintenance expenses.  

Another important advantages of this hoist is that is provided  with a unique hammer system.  As a result, this Tilt-Hoist breaks down easily frozen lumber packages in order to maintain a constant flow of boards going to the planer.  

Moreover, at JAMEC we have a team of experts dedicated to assist mills in order to select the best system equipment and materials Specs.  Therefore, our experts will design the appropriate Tilt-Hoist that will contribute to your productivity objectives.  

To conclude, for more information on our Continuous Tilt-Hoist  contact us.  

See an example in production

Tilt-Hoist Specifications :

  • Breaks down perfectly bundles in a single row 
  • Single & double Hoist options
  • Unique Hammer system design in order to unstack perfectly  frozen lumber
  • Without a doubt,  built Heavy-duty for extremes
  • Designed in order to facilitate and reduce its maintenance 
  • Simple Configuration for all lumber sizes
  • Lugs management system
  • Rank level system
  • Secondary Hoist in order to increase your cycle rate
  • Easy integration & installation
  • Control Systems: Allen Bradley Compact Logix
  • 100% Electrical


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