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JAMECs’ wood Unscrambler is designed sturdy in order to meet mills standards and features the latest engineering improvements.  For that reason, our system is recognized as being one of the most reliable in the lumber industry. 


Our wood Unscrambler is built in order to facilitate its installation into existing sawmill lines.  For this purpose, our system contributes in reducing your project investment.  

Furthermore, the system has also proven its ability to perform in various boards stock sizes from 1×3 to 2×12 and also from 3×3 and 4×4. 

Another advantage of the system is the movable levers that allows to manage perfectly the feeding.  As a result, it efficiently enhance the feeding of other wood handling equipments such as : a 1×1 lug loader system,  stacker systems and planers. 

A further advantage of our board Unscrambler is that its equipped with a unique self-synchronizing system which reduces considerably operators risky  interventions that may cause accidents as well as loss of production time.   

Furthermore, at JAMEC we have the expertise to support mills with the best wood Unscrambler.  Indeed, we will assure to have the best material in order to provide the exact system your mill needs.  Moreover, we will assure to design the appropriate layout that will contribute in your productivity objectives. 

Given these points above,  if your sawmill seeks a durable, low maintenance board Singulator at a very competitive cost, JAMEC should be considered as your top choice.   

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Unscrambler Specifications :
  • Breaks down lumber piles in a single of board up the incline
  • Stock sizes : 6 to 24 ft /  1 to 4 inch THK
  • Without a doubt, built sturdy in order to last
  • Ajustable floor for variations in wood THK
  • Heavy-duty & low maintenance.  
  • For high speed applications
  • Easy installation

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